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The Diplomacy Network is delighted to announce that you can now get your Articles and Essays published on our website. By Publishing your work on the Diplomacy Network, you share your knowledge with our community of millions of readers across the world. This gives you discoverability and credibility as an author, researcher, professional or student in the International Relations and Diplomacy arena.

The Diplomacy Network however sets terms and standards for publishing your work so as to ensure that all contents published on this website meets our community standards, is harmless, credible and adheres to all laws pertaining copyright and protection of intellectual property. 

By sending your work to for publishing by the Diplomacy Network, you agree that:

   1. You have legal capacity to agree to this Publishing Agreement,

   2. You are the author of the work,

   3. The work is original and has not been previously published,

   4. There is no previous agreement to publish the work,

   5. The work is not currently under review with another publisher,

   6. No part of the work infringes any copyright,

   7. The work is not unlawful and contains no statement known to be false or libelous,

   8. The work does not pose a danger to the life or security of any person, including the author(s),

   9. Submission gives consent to your work being published, with the understanding that it cannot be ‘unpublished/removed’ at a later date unless the editorial board becomes aware of any issues ascertaining to the points above.

   10. The Diplomacy Network may reproduce the work in any form,

   11. The Diplomacy Network shall attribute the work to you,

   12. The Diplomacy Network will charge you no fee for publication, but will pay no royalty or honorarium to you

   13. The Diplomacy Network will publish the work under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 license. This also allows unlimited non-commercial and educational uses of your content by other services (e.g. students, educators) and publishers (e.g. non commercial websites) so long as they adhere to the license terms.

   14. You indemnify the Diplomacy Network and all persons acting on its behalf against any claim alleging facts that constitute a breach of any term of this Publishing Agreement.

If you agree to the terms above and would like to get your work published by the Diplomacy Network, kindly send your work to Your work will be reviewed and an acknowledgement message sent to you via e-mail.

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